Cookie’ s Policy


What are the Cookie?

A Cookie is a little text file that web sites send to browser. This let the web site of remember informations, as example the preferred language and others options, that can facilitate your next visit and make the web site more useful. Cookies play a role very important because without them the Web usage would have been an experience much more frustrating.


How are they used?

We use Cookies for many purposes, including remember the research preferences, increase the relevance of the activities that you will see, to count the number of visits that we received on our pages, to help you to login in your account and to protect data.


Types of Cookie



This type of Cookie let to our web site to “remember” the information and the preferences that modify the appearance or the web site’s attitude itself, as example, the preferred language or the region which you are. Cookies let also to modify the text size, the character and other customizable parts in the web pages.

The loss or the removal of these Cookies can make the navigation experience less fluid and functional but does not affect the operation of the site.


We use Cookies for users’ autentication in order to avoid fraudulent use of credentials and to protect user data against unauthorized third parties.


Processes’ Cookies let the correct functioning of some services offered by the web site, as example the possibility to navigate between pages or to access to protected areas in the web site.Without these Cookies, the web site can’t work correctly.

Another example is the Cookie that we use for find your position and show you the activities closest to you

Session State

The web sites collect information about how users interact with a site. This information may include the pages that users visit most frequently and if users receive error messages from some pages. We use these cookies to improve our services in order to improve the users ‘ browsing experience. If these cookies are blocked or deleted, the site will still function.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service of statistics and data analysis provided by Google that allows us to understand how users interact on our websites. So, for example, we can enhance how many visits came on a given page and where they came from.